The Authy: An Award For Bloggers

An Authy is an award given out by 20Author to the most deserving Bloggers in the Blogosphere.

There is no one subject that one may win an Authy for, but their are 5 Main Categories:

  • Poetry
  • Op-Ed’s (And Opinion Article)
  • Personal
  • Lifestyle, and
  • Other


Given to bloggers who excel in Poetry.


Given to Bloggers who are not afraid to express their opinions.


Given to bloggers who get personal, and true with their readers, and aren’t afraid to let them into their mind, and soul.


For bloggers who share the best lifestyle Advice, Tips, Lifehacks, and more.


All other types of blogs fall into this category.

How An Authy Winner Is Determined

There are 3 main ways we determine the winner of an Authy:

  • Passion 35 Points
  • Uniqueness 15 Points &
  • Quality 50 Points


Those who pour their heart into their writings. Worth 35 Points.


One-of-a-kind. Maybe Complex, Maybe Simple. People who share rare advice, or express rare points of view. Worth 15 Points.


The best advice, the best poems, the best I general. Worth 50 Points.

How Our Point System Works

First we judge your blogs Passion. We then rate you out of Ten. Each point you get out of ten equals 3.5 points. Then we rate your blogs Uniqueness out of Ten. Each point equals 1.5 points. Lastly we rate your blogs quality out of 10. Each point equals 5 points. Any blog with 90 points or higher then officially wins The Authy.

A Blogs Size is not taken into account. Meaning even the smallest blogs can win.

When are Winners Decided?


The Authy Award

The Hall Of Authy Winners

No. 1: Pooja G. For

Category: Other

Date: Sept. 10th, 2019

No. 2 Lion Of The Blogosphere for

Category: Op-Ed

Date: Sept. 11th, 2019